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The Living Succulent Wreath

The Living Succulent Wreath

Distinctive decor

Succulents are very much in fashion & I can see why. I decided to have a go at a very unique succulent wreath. I made this with a mixture of small & bigger succulents. If you would like one for yourself, you will have to allow 6 weeks to let the roots embed & then it will be ready to hang up wherever you like. The fantastic thing about succulents is that if looked after correctly they can live for a very very long time! Before buying I would advise reading up on how to maintain upkeep of this beautiful wreath. For example, when watered, water a lot! But not very often. For succulents to grow, it is advised that you keep in the sun for six hours a day, but not too long as they can burn. (My friend learnt this the hard way when she bought her first succulent).

These wreaths are perfect for unique home decor. The price can range depending on the size, a large one for £85 & a small for £50. Contact 07877219138 for all enquiries!

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