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Bloom’s in season

Bloom’s in season

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Nagundo Tree’s blog, its good to have you here!

I really hope you enjoyed last weeks blog and hopefully some of you tried out drying your own flowers. With valentines getting near there might be some roses coming your way which you just might not want to let go of … if not, nothing wrong with buying your own!

What flowers are in season for my wedding?’ is a common question spanning the entire 12 months. There is plenty going on through out each season and even though it may seem that you get the best of the bunch in the summer months there is much to be seen all year long. I have broken up the flowers grown through the year into the season where they really shine! Some have extended flowering periods which may continue blooming into the next quarter, or show its face a little earlier when the British weather gives it a little glimpse of the future. None the less there are flowers to appreciate ALL YEAR LONG. During our colder months, there are plenty of indoor bulbs, hardy shrubs and winding branches which compliment your greenhouse and polytunnel aided florals.

Whether you have chosen your date because of the flowers you love, or if you simply don’t know yet what flowers there are to love, then this should hopefully give you some exciting inspiration. These blooming periods are based on the British seasons which even though may be unpredictable, its bloody marvellous watching them develop. After the cold winter months the blossoms and bulbs start popping or down the line and the tree’s rupture into rustic tone, there are colours and textures for all of your wedding visions to come alive.

Enjoy exploring the bounty of flowers amidst each season and if anyone has any questions or queries about your flowering wedding month then do not hesitate to let me know.

From Ash

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