Meet The Team

Since the start of my business in 2017 there has been many helping hands behind the scenes for whom I will be forever grateful. But as the business grows and my dream come true of a real flower farm is happening, it's time to add some extra cogs to my forever turning journey.

I'm shining a light on two individuals who are here to stay a while. A big warm welcome to Bethany and Emma, who are both a cherished part of the Nagundo Family.

Bethany Underwood, The Nagundo Tree's Personal Assistant.


Straight talking Bethany is SUPER organised with the most caring soul, she knows the business better than anyone after freelancing with me on and off since 2018. Bethany's attention to detail and diligent nature are going to be her strengths in stepping into her new role. 

From here on in you will be greeted by Bethany on inquiring about our flowers, so please do continue to get in touch via

Emma Watts, The Nagundo Tree's Intern.

Back in the Autumn, Berkshire College of Agriculture got in touch with me to see if I would be interested in taking on an Intern under their supported internship scheme. I got truly excited about sharing my knowledge and experience with an eager, nature loving individual and so it was a definite yes. Here's what Emma says 'the love for floristry started in year 7 at school, since then my passion for floristry just grew'When I heard about The Nagundo Tree and working with Ash from my tutor at college, I instantly wanted to learn more about how she makes beautiful floral designs the eco-friendly way. I went to the farm where all the flowers are grown and cut some flowers to make a small arrangement, fast forward to now, I have learnt so much from Ash and how make so many amazing things, the eco-friendly way.'

During Emma and I's time together I have been able to share countless skills in Floral Design and Flower Farming to equip her for her dream career in Floristry. Her fantastic ability to recall names of flowers and their needs is setting her plant identification in great stead. While her patient nature is helping push her ability in the finer detailed wiring and wreath making.

The supported internship is there for young adults with special educational needs and disabilities. Emma's learning disability is called Fragile X Syndrome, like myself many of you have probably never heard of this so I asked Emma to help me explain a little more about it.

'I have a genetic condition called Fragile X, it is an invisible learning disability and affects 1 in 8000 women and girls and 1 in 4000 men and boys. Fragile X affects concentration so sometimes that person can have trouble staying focused and may need to be prompted to stay on task. It can also affect fine motor skills, so doing complicated or detailed tasks can be difficult to do.

Fragile X has a wide range of characteristics, but the common traits can be behavioral and they include:

  • Getting anxious in social situations 
  • Avoiding eye contact 
  • Autism 
  • Insistence on familiar routines 
  • Anxiety
  • Short attention span

The strengths that I have with FXS are: a very good long term memory, visual learning, caring about others feelings and showing understanding. I also have a great sense of humour!

The things that I have overcome with FXS are:

  • Being able to talk to new people
  • Talking on the phone
  • Trying new things
  • Going to new places where I don’t know anyone such as school / college
  • Making new friends 
  • Being more independent for example, going to the shops on my own'

If you would like to find out more about Fragile X Syndrome then do head over to the website where you will find a wealth of information and support for those who need it.

I look forward to sharing more of Bethany's and Emma's journey within The Nagundo Tree as time goes on.

Over and out for now,

Love Ash x