A Bit More About Us

My father and I planted a Japanese Acer ‘Negundo’ in our new garden when I was young. The family home was then named after this tree and the little spelling error made it even more unique. When it came to naming my business 18 years later, nothing seemed fitting like ‘The Nagundo Tree’ did.

So for all the plantsmen out there, Negundo is the real tree, but Nagundo is my tree!

My name is Ash and its great to have you here. Saying I have a love for flowers doesn’t quite cut it, i’m totally in awe of the natural world and mother nature is my guide.

From studying Art in various mediums for a few years I stumbled into the floral world, something clicked. The ball starting rolling and it’s only speeding up.

I am living my dream of home growing the majority of my flowers, this means i can select the flowers at the specific stage i want to use it. The buds of magnolia, the late seedpods of muscari, from avidly watching their development i can make the most of each stage of the flowers life. Due to Covid-19 causing the wedding industry to be halted, I am taking the opportunity to grow an array of unusual varieties of flora. The Nagundo Tree Flower Farm has got exciting things to come!

At this stage we cannot tick the box of 100% homegrown during our busy periods. When i need a few extra buckets of gorgeous local blooms i head over to Chiltern Sky Flowers, only in Bledlow Ridge for Fiona’s stunning flowers.

Reuse and Rejuvenate Ethos

At The Nagundo Tree studio we are working as hard as possible to create ZERO waste. When I began on my floristry adventure the initial skill set included the common use of oasis due to its versatile and easy to use form. The tides have turned in the floral world and i’m proud to be a part of the foam free movement.

By drying, boiling, preserving or pressing all leftover or unused flowers we have been able to create so many more weird and wonderful things. New artworks, plant dyes and even natural confetti, everything here is reincarnated.